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Page Updated on 16 Feb 2018

Indian Academy of Pediatrics Intensive Care Chapter

Monthly activities of IAP – Intensive Care Chapter of the month of March 2018

Dear Pediatric Intensivists,
Greetings from IAP- Intensive Care Chapter.

It is our pleasure to inform you all, about monthly activities of IAP – Intensive Care Chapter of the month of March 2018.

1. Launch of Chhattisgarh State Branch of IAP - Intensive Care Chapter.

We are happy to inform you all that there was a launch of Chhattisgarh State Branch of IAP - Intensive Care Chapter at Raipur in presence of Dr.Kamlesh Shrivastava, Chairperson, and IAP – Intensive Care Chapter on 17 th March 2018. The occasion was graced by the presence of Father of Intensive Care in India and senior most pediatric Intensivist Dr. Sunit Singhi. In fact he had asked the New OB to take oath.

This launching was followed by a CME and Epic Course. The IAP- Intensive Chapter is grateful to Dr. Atul Jindal and Dr. Satyen Gyani from Raipur for this excellent work.

In fact Dr. Atul Jindal has taken initiative to launch IAP- Intensive Care – Nursing course and we will be launching it soon with a support from all.

2. Launch of UP State Branch of IAP – Intensive Care chapter

There was a major activity in the form of lunching of UP State Branch of IAP – Intensive Care chapter at Bareilly, UP on 23 March 2018. This was followed by EPIC course and CME on 24 th March 2018 on Pediatric Intensive Care. We are all very grateful to Dr. Girish Agrawal , President UP State IAP and also now chairperson of UP Intensive Care IAP and Dr. D M Gupta from Varanasi and Dr. Chaudhary for making this to happen. It was a grand success with 50 paediatricians from Agra, Mathura and nearby areas who travelled for 4 hours by car.

This launching was marked by the presence of Dr. Kamlesh Shrivastava ,chairperson IAP – Intensive chapter, Dr. B P . Karunakara IPC ,and Dr. Dayanand Nakate secretary , who could travel from Delhi to Bareilly 7 hours by car. This is the dedication by OB of IAP- Intensive Care Chapter to fulfil the moto to reach the unreached .

3. EPIC courses by IAP – Presidential Action plan

We would like to inform members that IAP could not get sponsor for this program, so this idea is dropped

4. CME and EPIC course at Kolkata by WB IAP state Branch of IAP and WB Branch of IAP – ICC.

We are happy to inform you that WB IAP State President Dr. Arun Manglik with Dr. Mihir Sarkar from IAP – Intensive are Chapter are kind enough to organize one CME and EPIC course at Kolkatta on 14 and15 th July 2018.

5. EPIC course at Pune

We are thank to Dr. Sachin shah for organizing an EPIC course at Pune on 27th May 2018

6. CME‘s By Karnataka State Chapter and Nagpur branch of IAP - ICC

We would request them to inform IAP –ICC about dates.

7. Revision of 2 day BPICC IAP Intensive Care chapter

WE are in the process of revising with up gradation of 2 day BPICC and we have taken all members in to confidence. It will be completed by 15th June 2018

With this report I again request all the active members of Intensive Care chapter from different parts of country to hold the activity & don’t forget to report to Secretary @ —-

With warm regards
Dr.Kamlesh Shrivastava, Chairperson
Dr. Dayanand Nakate Secretary

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