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Page Updated on 16 Feb 2018

Indian Academy of Pediatrics Intensive Care Chapter

Report of IAP-ICC(Jan 2018) - 07 Feb 2018

As we promised in our first communication mail that we are going to communicate regularly, so here is the report of our activities for the month of Jan 2018.

  1. We had EB meeting at Nagpur during Pedicon 2018 on 4th Jan 2018 immediately after taking over office, chaired by Dr.Kamlesh Shrivastava. We are planning for a National CME at Bagalkot and 4 zonal CMEs
  2. We had a very well attended subspecialty chapter symposium with lectures by Dr. Kamlesh Shrivastava , Dr. Devpujari and a panel discussion with Dr. Karunakara as moderator and Dr.Bakul Parekh , Dr. Dayanand Nakate , Dr. Sanjay Ghorpade and Dr. Rajendan and dr. Bhutada as panellist.
  3. We had a meeting of Accreditation committee for 1 year fellowship program, chaired by Dr. Karunakara B P , chairperson of the committee with participation of all fellowship coordinators.
  4. We also had a meeting of Academic council of IAP- Intensive Care chapter chaired by Chairman Dr. Sunit Singhi and he formulated guidelines for high class fellowship program.
  5. We had meeting with President of IAP – 2018, for launching EPIC course to all over country with a joint venture of IAP and IAP – Intensive Care chapter.
  6. We are happy to inform all members that we received 2nd prize for our chapter in subspecialty group from IAP and we must strive for first prize next year 2019, for that I am requesting all of you to organize maximum academic activities in this year.
  7. There was launch of Gujarat State chapter on 20th Jan followed by Epic provider course on 21st 2018 at Karamsad. We are thankful to Dr.Krutika Tandon and Dr. Somshekharfor taking the lead.
  8. We are also sending a request for organizing academic activities in your city or state, please participate actively.
Warm regards,

Dr Kamlesh Shrivatsav
Chairperson, IAP Intensive Care Chapter 2018

Dr.D. Nakate , secretary
Chairperson, IAP Intensive Care Chapter 2018 - 19

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