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Indian Academy of Pediatrics Intensive Care Chapter


VENUE : Crystal Hall, Hotel Capitol, Bangalore

Date : 06/12/2019

Members Present :

Dr. Bala Ramachandran, Dr. Krishan Chugh, Dr. Nameet Jerath, Dr. Dayanand Nakate, Dr. Vinayak Patki, Dr. Bakul Parekh, Dr. Rajiv Uttam, Dr. GV Basavaraja, Dr. Rakshay Shetty, Dr. Anil Sachdev, Dr. Praveen Khilnani, Dr. Santosh Soans, Dr. Suchitra Ranjit, Dr. Jayashree Muralidharan.

Absent : Dr Dinesh Chirla, Dr Mahesh Mohite, Dr S Deopujari


Meeting was called to order by Joint Secretary Dr Rajiv Uttam.

  • Dr. Praveen informed that 04/01/2020 & 05/01/2020 January combined fellowship(IDPCCM and IFPCCM ) exam will be held
  • 04.01.2020 & 05.01.2020 January Combined Exam at four centers:

    SRCC - Mumbai
    Rela Institute of Medical Sciences, Chennai
    Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon
    Rainbow Children’s hospital, Marathahalli,Bengaluru


  • Fellowship
  • Entrance Test
  • January 2020 enrolment
  • VC for 2021 and PICC college council committee and Elections
  • Development of new modules (example. USG)
  • Travel reimbursement for conference faculty

Fellowship :

Fellowship Exam :Dr. Chugh: explained about past practice of having theory exam in NCPCC.

After discussion it was agreed that:

1st week of January & 1st week of July should be fixed for practical(laptop cases, OSCE)exams.

Common exit exams (online) 2weeks before practical exam may be considered after Jan exams for subsequent exams (July 2020 onwards)

Theory exam can be held at 4-5 centers Nationally

15 days later – if candidate passes then can go to place where practical exam is held.

Theory centre can be made regional.Practical needs to be in designated centre.

Theory Paper correction – Regional

January 04.01.2020 and05.01.2020 exam will be in the previous format only.

To ensure transparency, Theory exam can be monitored via Skype camera (suggested by Dr. Vinayak Patki)

OSCE should be standardized – all centers should have the same OSCEs; the OSCE should be administered at the same time in all centers.To be started effective Jan2020 exam

Entrance Test - Centralized test not feasible

Dr. Bala: Entrance to our Fellowship should never be NEET based. Our program gives good students who do not have an opportunity to get into standard programs (DNB/DM etc.) to study the specialty of their choice. Instituting NEET based selection defeats this purpose.

MCI – it is not possible for them to accept our Fellowship program and recognize it as per current state of affairs - however our efforts in this direction to continue.

Discussed possibility of merger of our program with DNB, CPS (College of Physicians & Surgeons) or IAP College (when it starts).

The best option would be to wait for the IAP College to start and then we can decide about merging with it.

With respect to conduct of exams, let all systems continue as before – no need to change now.

January 2020 enrolment - intake is by application to program directors directly

VC for 2021 and PICC college council committee

Dr. Suchitra Ranjit was to take over as the next Vice-Chancellor. She expressed her inability to do so as she is tied down with multiple other commitments. The Council unanimously decided to allow Dr Praveen Khilnani to continue for the next one year with all committees.

Dr. Bakul raised the issue of when to change our merged Chapter Council Constitution. Consensus opinion was to incorporate the changes discussed during and implemented after the Merger meeting held on 9/3/2019 at the Sion Office of IAP Mumbai officially into the IAP-ICC Constitution.

We need to register the Chapter now that the merger with College of Pediatric Critical Care is done and PICC College council is official academic wing of the Chapter, Dr Nakate to pursue this registration matter further.

PAN Card will remain in the name IAP Intensive Care Chapter.

As per 9/3/19 meeting of merger held in Sion office,Mumbai, IAP IC Chapter will continue to bear PICC council expenses related to fellowship, examination and academic activities, secretarial,course materials manuals printing charges. All incoming payments of enrolment fee and exam fee and various courses shall be deposited into one account: IAP Intensive Care Chapter. All financial reimbursements will be handled by Chapter Secretariat office.

IAP intensive care President:

2020: Dr. Basavaraja

2021: Dr. Dhiren Gupta

Whether the same committee should continue year 2020, or it changes. Dr. Basavaraja said he would look into the Constitution and let GB of chapter decide

Chapter Elections for year 2021 will be declared in 2020

Elections (for the PICC CollegeCouncil) should be declared before next year’s NCPIC in Nagpur (Dec 2020) for Jan2021. VC and PICC council committee to be elected by Teachers as per decisions taken by the merger committee meeting 9/3/19 held in Sion office of Mumbai IAP.

Development of new modules (example USG)

New Pediatric USG Course module to be developed. It should be called the IAP Functional Sonography course. Dr Dhiren and Dr Rakshay to take the lead and develop with the help of national faculty from teachers group.Time line March31st 2020

Travel reimbursement for conference faculty

Dr. Rajiv Uttam Raised issue of cost of travel for conference as a faculty.It was discussed and proposal to discuss this further in Chapter GBM on 7th Dec to waive off faculty registration OR a travel reimbursement(per actuals as long as did not exceed 10000/-).PICC council will make this as agenda point for chapter GBM.

There being no further business meeting was adjourned.

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