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Page Updated on 16 Feb 2018

Indian Academy of Pediatrics Intensive Care Chapter

NOTICE FOR GBM of IAP Intesive care chapter

Dear Colleagues,

The General Body Meeting of the IAP Intensive Care Chapter will be held on Friday 16 th Nov 20108 at 5.30 pm at Conference Hall NCPIC , Coimbatore

You are requested to attend.

  1. Confirmation of the minutes of last AGM held at Chandigarh.
  2. Annual report for the year 2018
  3. Financial matters – Latest status
  4. Academic Activities during 2018
    • EPIC Course TOTs & Provider Courses
    • Fellowship Program of the Chapter
    • Zonal CMEs
    • State Conferences report
  5. Chairperson Action Plan and Academic program for the year 2019
    • Fellowship Program of the Chapter
    • EPIC Course TOTs & Provider Courses
    • NCPCC 2019
    • National Mid Term CME
    • Zonal CMEs
    • Other Scientific Program
  6. Publications
    • PICC Journal
    • PICC News letter
    • Books
    • PICC website Update
    • Election Process as a whole
    • Online entrance & Exit Exam for Fellows
  7. BIDS for NCPCC 2020.
  8. Any other matter with the permission of chair
If quorum of the GBM is not fulfilled, Meeting will be conducted after 30 minutes at same place for which quorum is not required.

Dr. Dayanand Nakate
Hon. Secretary, IAP Intensive Care Chapter 2018-19

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