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Page Updated on 16 Feb 2018

Indian Academy of Pediatrics Intensive Care Chapter

Message from chairperson - 03 Feb 2018

Dear Colleagues,

Dear Pediatric Intensivists,

At the end of December 2017 the IAP – Intensive Care Chapter conducted the first chapter Leadership meeting 2018 at Bangalore. This was somewhat monumental occasion in the life of IAP –ICC. Previously the leadership of the IAP- ICC has included the chapter chairperson for name sake. Each group has previously held their own leadership forum.

It was decided in the meeting that Jan 2018 onward the IAP – ICC will be supreme and any other similar group shall report to IAP –ICC.

The chapter leadership passed a resolution that the IAP- ICC will start one year fellowship program and revision of 2 day BPICC as early as possible.

We also launched a day course “EPIC” at PEDIOCON 2018 at Nagpur. I would like to thank to Dr.Sunit Singhi, Dr. Kishan chug, Dr. Devpujari and all office bearers and EB for making it excellent work of IAP- ICC.

I would like to assure all members that IAP-ICC will grow academically in vertical direction with help of our esteemed members. We have planned many academic activities with the involvement of most of the members. I am happy to inform you that Dr. Karunakara is working on “ Manual of Pediatric intensive Care” ,will be launched as early as possible .

I would like to seek support from all of you for taking IAP-ICC to a new height.

Warm Regards.
Dr Kamlesh Shrivatsav
Chairperson, IAP Intensive Care Chapter 2018

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